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McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG utilizes BIM 3D modeling in nearly all designs, enabling our team to identify and address potential conflicts during the development of the project’s design, thereby minimizing potential costly construction delays. The firm also offers several other, BIM-related services to provide value to their clients.

These services include the generation of model renderings, material take offs, cost estimation, clash detection, shop drawing generation, and the creation of a comprehensive building model which incorporates individual models from various disciplines at times from different firms.

Another service offered by the BIM team at McVeigh & Mangum is BIM-FM, or BIM for Facilities Management. This is a service provided by the firm to clients throughout the operational phase of a building’s lifecycle, creating more efficient workflows, through the consolidation and organization of building information, and reducing building downtime, by facilitating the identification and resolution of operational issues associated with the building engineering systems. The BIM-FM process starts as construction is completed, when all as-builts are uploaded into an updated 3D model connected to a database. As the building continues to evolve throughout its lifespan, the model is kept accurate, current and, perhaps most importantly, easily accessible to the facilities team. This allows them to easily diagnose issues and determine the best course of action, saving considerable time over the life of the building.

Our expertise includes several various types of BIM Services.

  • Model Rendering
  • Material Take offs
  • Cost Estimation
  • Clash Detection / Prevention
  • Shop Drawing Generation
  • Cross Discipline Linking
  • Implementing BIM-FM Strategy
  • Prefabrication & Off Site Construction Modelling Services
  • Various Other Virtual Design & Construction Services
  • Building Commissioning Support

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Jacob D’Albora, FMP, LEED AP
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