With certified commissioning agents in each office, McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG has successfully commissioned buildings across the nation, both LEED and non-LEED certified projects.

The firm recognizes that the commissioning agent serves as the owner’s representative throughout the project’s design and construction process, ensuring that the owner’s desires and expectations are implemented. McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG exercises a proven, collaborative, team-oriented approach to commissioning services that fosters communication, minimizes delays, and provides an optimally functioning building for the client.

Depending on the project-specific commissioning requirements, the firm’s commissioning agents’ involvement extends across the entire timeline of the project, from the design phase through the occupancy and operation of the building. Commissioning services may include the review of design documents, the development of owner project requirements, shop drawing review and approval, approval of the installation of equipment, functional testing of systems, post occupancy system review, and recurring system testing through the life of the building.

Our expertise includes several various types of commissioning services.

This allows our team to work with owners and contractors to determine the most cost effective system that will perform to the required specifications.

  • Retro Commissioning
  • Recommissioning
  • Fundamental & Enhanced
  • LEED Commissioning
  • Building Code Required Commissioning
  • Energy Assessments
  • Integration with BIM-FM Strategy

Commissioning Contacts

Atlanta, GA

Melissa Mikulka, LEED AP, QCxP
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Phone: (678) 213-1616

Charlotte, NC

Scott R. Campagna, P.E.
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Phone: (704) 547-9035

Jacksonville, FL

Frank Yarizadeh, P.E., LEED, CBCP
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Phone: (904) 483-5200

Raleigh, NC

Jeff Roberts, P.E., HFDP
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Phone: (919) 650-6565