Green Building Consulting


With over two dozen LEED accredited professionals on staff, McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG brings both the experience and the manpower needed to successfully navigate through the LEED certification process.

McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG’s commitment to the production of environmentally sensitive and energy efficient buildings is demonstrated by the number of the firm’s professionals that are LEED accredited, as well as being experienced in designing to satisfy the unique requirements of agencies similar to USGBC, such as Green Globes and the Florida Green Building Coalition. Stewardship of the environment is one of our priorities.

Additionally, the firm has been recognized as a leader in educating the design and construction community throughout the Southeast on sustainable design, as well as the possible benefits of incorporating LEED principles and sustainable design into projects across various sectors.

Our expertise includes several various types of Green Building Consulting.

This allows our team to work with owners and contractors to determine the most cost effective approach that will perform to the required specifications.

  • Prime LEED Professional
  • Green Globes
  • Florida Green Building Coalition

Green Building Consulting Contacts

Atlanta, GA

Melissa Mikulka, LEED AP, QCxP
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Phone: (678) 213-1616

Charlotte, NC

Scott R. Campagna, P.E.
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Phone: (704) 547-9035

Jacksonville, FL

Thomas Fugard, P.E., LEED AP, QCxP
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Phone: (904) 483-5200

Raleigh, NC

Jeff Roberts, P.E., HFDP
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Phone: (919) 650-6565