Technology Design


McVeigh & Mangum now IMEG’s technology design team includes certified RCDD professionals who design voice, data, A/V, security, and other low voltage systems.

The drawings provided by McVeigh & Mangum, now IMEG provide documentation of the system’s wiring and components before construction begins, minimizing costs and potential headaches associated with the implementation of technology into buildings already permitted and built.

These services add value to the project and can help owners make better decisions when it comes to allocating their technology budgets, in addition to providing precise documentation of the building owner’s wishes and enabling the technology components of the project to be competitively bid.

Our expertise includes several various types of Technology Services.

This allows our team to work with owners and contractors to determine the most cost effective system that will perform to the required specifications.

  • New Building Design
  • BIM Model Generation
  • Building Renovations & Additions
  • Tenant Upfit
  • Historical Renovation

Technology Contacts

Atlanta, GA

Tony Fernandez, P.E.
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Phone: (678) 213-1616

Charlotte, NC

John Cassidy, P.E.
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Phone: (704) 547-9035

Jacksonville, FL

Andrew May, P.E., LEED AP, RCDD
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Phone: (904) 483-5200

Raleigh, NC

Tony G. Fernandez, P.E.
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Phone: (919) 650-6565