Christ’s Church Mandarin

Category: Electrical, Mechanical, Religious Facilities, Structural


Jacksonville, FL


KBJ Architects

Services Provided:

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical


Sanctuary and two-story, 84,500 square foot family life center with a 10,000 square foot gymnasium and 9,200 square foot auditorium on the second floor, with 12,000 square foot atrium and classrooms/office space.

Sanctuary: The 3,500-seat structure utilized long span steel joist to provide a column free sanctuary. Interior tilt-up concrete walls were provided with reveals on both sides. Exterior walls were also constructed with tilt-up concrete wall panels. The second floor utilized composite steel beams.

Family Life Building: Steel framed structure with exterior load bearing, tilt-up concrete wall panels. The floors consist of composite steel beams. Long span beams were required to provide a column-free first floor cafeteria with second floor gymnasium. The HVAC system consisted of variable volume and constant volume direct expansion packaged roof top units. The electrical system addressed all the varied functions of the space from intimate chapel lighting, step-controlled gymnasium lighting, and full theatrical sound and lighting system for the teen auditorium.