The Cove Apartments

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Jacksonville, FL


Wakefield Beasley & Associates

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Structural, Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing), Fire Protection


The project consisted of renovating (4) six-story existing buildings partially constructed as condominiums into a 68 unit apartment complex. Buildings 1 and 2 were completed as originally designed. The building 3 structure was only completed to the 5th floor which became the roof of a four-story building. The building 4 structure is completed to the fifth floor and will have the sixth floor and roof added per the original construction documents. Buildings 3 and 4 will have six units per floor using the original two center units and adding two new units on each end. There will be four new unique unit types (two new units and two of the existing building unit types). There will also be a 2,500 SF leasing office added to the ground floor of Building 3.