YouBIM Certified Consultant


YouBIM Certified Consultant

04 Oct 2017, Posted by MME in BIM Services

Photo is from youbim.com

Jacob D’Albora recently joined our MME staff as our Director of Building Information Modeling to Facility Management (BIM-FM) Services. Jacob has recently achieved the distinction of becoming the only YouBIM Certified Consultant in the United States. YouBIM is a cloud-based software, which extends the value of BIM throughout the Building Lifecycle by giving owners an integrated database and instant access to asset information and location through an easy-to-navigate web-based 2D/3D-BIM interface.

If you’re looking for a BIM-FM expert, Jacob is your guy! We would love to help get your facility integrated with our technology and create more efficient workflows through your building’s lifecycle. For additional information, visit our BIM-FM web page.